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P r o z p a r o z (iwc) with Real Name A k p i i T e r h e m b a d o o n R a p h a e l P r o s p e r also known as ‘the industry willing child(iwc)is a fast rising upcoming artist, hails from M a k u r d i Local Government Area of B e n u e state,Nigeria.He is the forth male child out of six children from the family of Mr and Mrs Akpii.Born April 4, 2002.

  • He was born in Agan Benue state from a G o d f e a r i n g family,his father was a church leader in his church. The singer lost his father in the year 2004 when he was just 2 years old *you could imagine how life follows with him, but the other way round the mother was a very hard working woman who make sure she satisfy the children’s want
  • Right from infancy, Prozparoz was a God fearing child,he later joined the catholic altar servers association of Nigeria(casan)in the year 2013 where he was handling the post of C h i e f S a c r i s t i a n, in other to Build his music carrer, in the year 2015 he joined E n g l i s h c h o i r in his church were he was very good in playing J a z z D r u m, he plays jazz for the congragation.

 P r o z p a r o z iwc attended Daddy memoria schools Yagba

In 2018 he became a fast rising upcoming artist in his area, his music gerne is that of Afro pop and R&B he lands through with his first single titled;M E D I T A T I N G which flows the whole city and keep Wandering

in the year 2020, his emergence into music scene got everybody’s attention with “Angev bu shima” and “superstar” which is now street take over and trending all over the state.

In his last single he tagged D a v i d o, W i z k i d and R a p i z o, telling the whole world how he wants to be “mo fe shey mi be davido” which means he wants to be l i k e Davido, WizKid and Rapizo,and also wants to be a superstar, which was a hit that got everyone talking.

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